Undoubtedly, the virtual space today is much superior and advanced yet it is full of loopholes and vulnerabilities that give way to massive security breach incidences. Hackers have most certainly become highly active, particularly in the past decade or so with unwarranted incidences being reported every now and then. Cyber fraudsters have smartly come up with numerous innovative ways to identify and exploit the prevailing vulnerabilities in even the most high-tech security systems nowadays. Thanks to such severe cyber-attacks, many professional entities have faced data leakage, misuse of information or manhandling of their corporate systems. All this leads to tremendous financial and goodwill loss for any business and the innocent customers stand at the receiving end of it all. This is also exactly why there is roar around the significance of information security norms all over the internet today.

Majorly, web-based applications, much prominent presently, including shopping carts, forms, login pages etc. stand way more easily accessible as a target for hackers as these are mostly tailor-made and thus, less likely to be tested frequently. Thus, being more likely to having unknown vulnerabilities and also, having valuable data because of being directly linked to one’s database, they form an easy target. In such a compelling scenario, preventive mechanisms such as vulnerability assessment have successfully been introduced by technical experts to help combat these kind of possibilities well in advance. Vulnerability assessment software/ applications help to identify, define, categorize and prioritize the existing vulnerabilities in any computer systems, apps or network infrastructures. This provides organizations doing the assessment with required knowledge, cognizance and risk background to comprehend the level of threats to its environment and find an apt resolve accordingly.

ABP Holding interacts with some of the recognized organizations in the domain and provides them all base services to keep their core running flawlessly and also helps assist them in enhancing their work modules for the better. As technology upgrades, attacks too become more challenging and thus, developing solutions of equal stature is a more demanding task, requiring a strong base of support functions to back up the work. Our company, with an extensive team of domain experts, helps ensure the best quality professional services to all our vulnerability assessment portfolio companies and keeps them going to attain new heights.