Vision and Mission


ABP Holding envisions creating a successful tomorrow of mutual progress along with its associated companies while working diligently to accomplish the quality prestigious projects, offering a wide range of critical operational services. The company strives to enhance its overall skill-set and stay abreast of all the latest developments in the industry so as to attain mastery while embracing the new-age innovations. The concepts of big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning have outgrown human intelligence. Supporting all AI, ML & other emerging technology-based business concepts across diverse sectors, we ensure our association with the booming technology of tomorrow. We seek to provide helping hands to the subsidiary companies.


“To become synonymous with excellence in the field of holding and management and ensure the long-term growth of all associated businesses.” Also, to provide velocity to the emergence of artificial intelligence & machine learning-based startups and business models in the market by providing helping hands to the subsidiary companies. To work diligently and support all utility-based AI & ML business concepts across diverse sectors. We aspire to enhance the overall functionality of the companies we assist, with all adequate professional requirements.