Pragya Jindal, Finance & Accounting

Having joined as a novice from the field of finance, it has been over 3 years since I started working for the company. Right from the very beginning, I got several opportunities to learn and develop better understanding. It is motivating to work for a company that promotes the interests of its employees, keeping their growth alongside that of organization.

Ananya Kathuria, PR & Content

It has been an entirely wonderful experience to be associated with such a progressive organization having ample unique business concepts within the market. Going steady with the company from past 5 years now, it’s been a fruitful journey involving good exposure, learning and diverse role reversals throughout.

Nisha Manchanda, Digital Marketing

Even though, it’s been barely seven months since I got selected for the role of a DM executive in the organization, I have still gathered a bucketful of valuable experiences to draw from. It has been an equal share of work along with fun and several team building initiatives to keep us all pepped up. The company offers a great environment to work in with substantial growth opportunities.

Niti Khanna, Sales & Marketing

In my year long encounter with the company, I found it challenging enough to utilize my time and skills effectively but found great support from all around, giving me as an employee adequate time to adjust, settle, get trained and eventually, perform. Although, initially I may not have been very happy with the salary offered, it got duly compensated with their more than decent annual appraisal.