The technology industry having seen tremendous progress over the past two decades, software and app development space too has seen ample growth alongside. Today, software and app development companies form the very core of our digital cosmos with increasing prominence and particular relevance in certain critical fields. These include domains such as cyber security, homeland security, law enforcement and critical infrastructure among others.

ABP Holding manages all basic operations for its portfolio companies, which hold a prominent name as leading companies in software and app development market. ABP Holding’s portfolio companies, existing primarily in high profile security space, get complete support in terms of all routine services including admin, HR, finance, domain advisory etc. With our experts from the technical arena at work to provide the best solutions to our portfolio entities, they are able to stay focused on more productive tasks in software and app development as well as innovating new mechanisms. Our role, as a strategic management group, extends far and wide to ensuring our associated companies’ overall smooth functioning in every aspect of backend services in a way that they never fall short due to these base functions.