Software Development

ABP Holding manages all basic operations for its invested companies, which hold a prominent name as leading companies in the software, app development market and other domains. ABP Holding’s invested companies, existing primarily in the advanced technological space, get complete support in terms of all routine services including admin, HR, finance, domain advisory, etc.

Vulnerability Assessment

Ours is a leading vulnerability assessment company, which offers companies technologically advanced, well-equipped and customized solutions for their respective businesses against prospective vulnerabilities. The primary services which include Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Scan, and Vulnerability Management and Patching maintained by trained professionals, help in strategically detecting and adequately analysing the vulnerabilities that exist within the entire IT infrastructure. Also, our detailed analysis and reporting help our clients to fill the gaps in their security system and protect their organisations from emerging threats.

Predictive Crime Analytics

Our organization is a recognized Holding and Management Company that chiefly engages into predictive analytics software development. The software developed by us is aimed at making predictions about outcomes based on data and analytics techniques such as statistical modelling, machine learning, among others. With the help of predictive analytics tools and models, companies can now sift through past and current data to detect trends and forecast events and conditions that should occur at a specific time.

Search Analytics & Artificial intelligence enterprise

Our search Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Enterprise is a well-established entity in the industry, having served numerous prestigious brand names from across varied vital segments. The company basically augments human intelligence by leveraging AI-related technologies and tools to attain the best from raw or unstructured data provided to us. Our organization is focused on building user-friendly software/ mechanisms that would deal with tremendous amounts of data without any need of masters in querying languages, statistical modelling or command line.

Critical infrastructure Analytics

Ours is a renowned and ever-evolving Critical Infrastructure Analytics Company that builds analytics software for various sectors across the world. By leveraging new-age technologies and software engineering processes, we design customized analytical software that can integrate and manage provided structured and unstructured data for the Critical Infrastructure Sectors. Our analytics platform sieves through abyss of information, and provides crucial insights for safeguarding safety systems, networks and other vital assets.

EMW Analytics

ABP Holding is also focused on creating a robust software ecosystem which can help analyze the impact of Electromagnetic Waves (EMWs). Our subsidiary company "EMW Analytics" develops software which provides advanced insights on the movement and working of drones. The team has collectively explored new horizons and sought innovative software solutions to provide asset protection services enabling various organizations to drive benefits.

Software-based Trading company

We are involved in developing an artificial intelligence-based software that processes large volume of data for organizations to help them take scientific trading decisions. Our core team is in the process of developing a trading platform to enable dynamic trade practices which would also mitigate errors and leverage cost-effectiveness. Even at a time when the market is volatile, it is expected to preserve discipline and avert overtrading.

Digital Marketing

Our subsidiary, a digital marketing organization, helps the businesses maintain a strong online presence, irrespective of its scale. As digital tools such as the internet, digital devices & smartphones, among others, continue to gain prominence and are being accepted as a way of life, we help businesses adapt to meet these ever-growing requirements and cater to different clienteles. We also help scale up the digital goals and drive them with a scientific outlook.