Digital Marketing

Ever since past couple of decades, the criticality of digital marketing for any business organization is well realized and accounted for through the overall success rate. Digital marketing now forms a new version of traditional marketing, wherein companies today promote their brands in the online space through a variety of tools and digital platforms. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that digital marketing has now become almost indispensable for a professional entity in order to succeed in the competitive industry. While it is a widely practiced phenomenon today to adopt the best of digital marketing practices, it’s vital to know that the service has indeed undergone several transformations in the time passed by, not to mention, has had many updated forms including many additional features.

What digital marketing does is essentially placing a brand in an attractive light that makes it highly sellable and the term largely encompasses marketing activities through varied digital channels like SEO, SMM, email and mobile apps etc.

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Software & App Development

The technology industry having seen tremendous progress over the past two decades, software and app development space too has seen ample growth alongside. Today, software and app development companies form the very core of our digital cosmos with increasing prominence and particular relevance in certain critical fields. These include domains such as cyber security, homeland security, law enforcement and critical infrastructure among others.

ABP Holding manages all basic operations for its portfolio companies, which hold a prominent name as leading companies in software and app development market.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Undoubtedly, the virtual space today is much superior and advanced yet it is full of loopholes and vulnerabilities that give way to massive security breach incidences. Hackers have most certainly become highly active, particularly in the past decade or so with unwarranted incidences being reported every now and then. Cyber fraudsters have smartly come up with numerous innovative ways to identify and exploit the prevailing vulnerabilities in even the most high-tech security systems nowadays.

Thanks to such severe cyber-attacks, many professional entities have faced data leakage, misuse of information or manhandling of their corporate systems. All this leads to tremendous financial and goodwill loss for any business and the innocent customers stand at the receiving end of it all.

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Network Infrastructure & Security

No matter how good a business is at what it does, no matter how good it markets its brand, in the advanced cyber scenario today, nothing can prevent a business from ending up in ruins if its virtual standing via networks and server isn’t well protected. There have been ample incidences in the past that recount a horrific tale of successful, well-established business giants being held prisoner to the big frauds and hackings done by cyber bullies, which shattered their entire business line into pieces.

It is owing to the rise of such cases that network infrastructure and security solutions have been gaining huge prominence in the industry at present.

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Predictive Crime Analytics

Our organization is a recognized security software company that is chiefly engaged into predictive crime analytics software development entity. Our products are centered around revolutionizing the face of security segment in our country so as to prevent crime from causing ultimate damage. Our primary product is a powerful investigative analytics solution essential for intelligence and investigations teams in law enforcement and government agencies to prevent and solve crime faster by rapidly revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data. Deployed at organizations all around the world, the company is powerful in preventing and solving a wide range of crimes including: Organized Crime, Transnational Crime, Violent Crime, Trafficking, New Generation Extremism and Gun Crime. Our enterprise takes pride in its years of research and experience in the domain and has ample professionals who are all well-versed in their respective fields so as to cater the crucial security agencies of the country meticulously.
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Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Enterprise

Our Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Enterprise is a well-established entity in the industry, having served numerous prestigious brand names from across varied vital segments. The company basically augments human intelligence by providing the right big data and AI related technology and tools to attain the best from raw or unstructured data circulating around loosely. Our organization is focused on building user-friendly software/ mechanisms that would deal with tremendous amount of data without any need of masters in querying languages, statistical modelling or command line. Its team of domain experts excels at developing fully interactive and highly intuitive human-driven, machine assisted tools and data integration & management applications. The company has a pool of data scientist resources who strive to build tools that would mine large data sets and predict patterns in future. Our proficient engineers work with closely with our customers to offer a smoother product and data integration deployment.
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Critical Infrastructure Security

Ours is a renowned and ever-evolving Critical Infrastructure Security Company that serves crucial Govt. and Law Enforcement bodies across the country. The company primarily works on integrating and managing structured and unstructured data to convert it into useful insights to be employed in the effective working of a business and aid in providing security solutions. As the pool of information is on the rise with each passing day, segregating the data available is becoming a major concern for Govt. authorities and security agencies. It hampers them from effectively handling critical decision making process smoothly and also face continuous string of cyber threats. Our advanced critical infrastructure security tools assist in enabling swift and simple decisions for Govt. and other vital bodies, while giving due security to their data and critical systems. Our professional tools help in decoding the hidden patterns, insights or relevant correlations for reaching apt results faster. We have a competent team of domain experts that are well-versed in understanding the density of complex data coupled with all security angles and joining the dots as well as filling the gaps. They are also adept in swiftly discovering trends and patterns to come up with conducive solutions as we are focused on building innovative technologies suitable for pre-emptive strategies.
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Recruitment Analytics

Our Recruitment Analysis firm stands among one of the country’s top recruitment and certification companies. Our firm offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions pertaining to complete placement support for companies with quality recruitment solutions and for individual employees by offering relevant certification courses and instant placement with top brand names. We own a strong network of connections with the World’s top MNCs that offer the best employment opportunities to our talented candidates and students. We also develop certain exclusive recruitment analysis software to assist in making the recruitment process much easier and more systematic for finding the best resources and linking to apt roles within the varied organizations. While our company’s certification courses establish students as distinguished professionals in the industry, our strong associations with big brand names ascertain a bright future with substantial career growth.
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