HR Management

It is rightfully said that employees form the backbone of any organization and undoubtedly, play a vital part in the success of a business.

While employee contribution forms a significant chunk in the development of the company, it is certainly not an easy task to manage and sustain the employees for long-term in a smooth manner. This is where the role of HR or human resource department comes into a picture and indeed forms as one of the major operations in the working of any company.

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Finance and Accounting

The financials of a business are the most critical aspect and must be managed with absolute accuracy and confidentiality as the stakeholders of every company can never underestimate the vitality of precise and properly maintained financial statements.

Documents such as the company’s balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, stakeholders’ equity statement are the most prominent ones among several other day to day financial records that need to be maintained

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We, at ABP Holding, have taken additional care in compiling together all primary admin related services under one roof and assigned a team of experienced personnel to overlook the admin responsibilities of all our associate business projects.

Our group companies can rely on our supple admin support system for the following quality administrative assistance and secretarial requirements.

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Legal Support

Legal Support Services are simply too crucial to be taken for granted for any professional entity in today’s competitive and compliance-fit era and thus, having adequate legal support system is a must for every company.

For a business to adhere to the set Govt. compliances and keep track of the all the important documentation in accordance with the latest laws, policies and regulations at all times is absolutely non-negotiable for its smooth existence.

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Domain Advisory Functions

A sound advisory board is no less than a blessing for an organization as that’s what the core of any business depends on majorly.

ABP Holding carries out advisory functions for several domains including big data analytics, which forms a chief component of our associate ventures and is also a prominent field in today’s advanced scenario.

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