While employee contribution forms a significant chunk in the development of the company, it is certainly not an easy task to manage and sustain the employees for long-term in a smooth manner. This is where the role of an HR or human resource department comes into the picture and indeed forms one of the major operations in the working of any company. In the competitive era, every business strives to pool in the best available resources in the market at the most reasonable cost and that’s exactly what an efficient HR must focus on achieving.

As the management and consulting partner for all its associated companies, ABP Holding endeavors to offer the best HR management services to the organizations and assist in making their businesses progress faster. The company boasts of its string of qualified and experienced HR personnel, who possess the right attitude, knowledge and exposure to provide premium level services aimed at meeting the precise requirement of the varied departments, minimizing the cost while maximizing the output and at the same time enhancing employee satisfaction with mutually beneficial HR solutions and policies. We have successfully managed and streamlined the HR services for all the companies to not just bring out the best performance but to form strong professional bonds for a lifetime.


As a management group, we factor in all the major to minor requirements of the companies associated with us and offer a holistic range of HR services for improving the efficiency and maximizing the potential of the business. Right from properly maintaining the records to hiring the best suitable candidates, reviewing the employee performance regularly, auditing rules and regulations, conducting team building activities periodically, preparing compensation policies and employee retention programs etc., we take care of it all. Our prominent services under HR include the following:


 Team of Experts with the know-how to match business objective with requirement and offer solutions accordingly

 Advanced technological mechanisms employed including the latest software for maintaining records and data segregation

 Complete confidentiality of data followed for both employees as well as the business heads of the company

 Regular Consulting for experienced HR Consultants to keep our HR professionals updated of all new industry developments