Established in the year 2009, ABP Holding stands among the leading investment companies in the country today. An established investment and strategic management business entity, the company is engaged closely with investing and overseeing of exclusive portfolio companies associated with the brand.

The company primarily invests in organizations progressing within the artificial intelligence and advanced technological space including the machine learning technologies across the varied sectors such as IT, telecom and transportation & logistics. We enable our invested entities to flourish increasingly every financial year, more than the last, assisting them to exceed their targets and actualize them through exploring new national and global terrains. And, all this while seeking and banking upon the latest opportunities while fighting road blocks at every point.

ABP Holding specializes in making their investments fruitful with the strategy development and deployment through a wide array of services offered to grace the business issues at the top level management of associated companies. While providing concrete solutions related to enhancement of business processes, cost efficiency, resource management, supply chain refinement, delivery timelines’ achievement and overall organizational progress, we also ensure a hassle free and complete, immediate implementation on a practical level for ultimate benefit of the companies. Having successfully achieved higher standards of investment and limited business management over past years, the company has carved a recognized stature in the industry and envisions a place in the long list of Unicorns.

On a broader level, ABP Holding helps its select bunch of invested enterprises to engage their target audience and uncover an insight from the data, segregating it to further shape the products, services and experiences that they offer well. Furthermore, we have provided entrepreneurs with all the required financial, managerial and informational resources to elevate their local, emerging market startups to a global competitive level. All this is done keeping our involvement to a certain level only while letting the entities function independently. As we are armed with a force of professionals that has a knack for problem solving while possessing the premium level of expertise, knowledge and skills coupled with an aspiration to become the definitive thought leader, we are enabled to offer the best guidance and support to the companies.

Our prestigious connections, years of exposure and a strong operational base has gifted us with the proficiency to extend superior quality advanced business offerings including HR management, finance & accounting, administration, digital marketing, legal support and domain advisory functions. Our diverse satisfied portfolio that continues to put in its trust in us, year after year, speaks volumes about the incomparable quality service that we provide. Where ‘innovation par excellence’ is our mantra, striving to enhance our level of skills, professional outlook and business outreach, is what we continually endeavor to attain.