Administration Support Services

While on the high of one’s journey to success or when involved in the big decision and strategy making tasks, it is often natural to forget about the minute details or small routine functions that actually form the perfect base for a business to rely its major operations on. This is exactly what’s inherent in the case of administrative support functions, which may seem to be absolutely trivial on the surface but are actually vital to the smooth functioning of the business on the whole. It is aptly said that managing the small process technicalities along with the knick-knack of operations is an art. And what is not realized most often by businesses is how small things like managing reception/ answering queries or entertaining employees’ requirements in an efficient and timely manner can work wonders for the overall growth of the company. This makes it an enough reason for a business enterprise to have professional and armed admin staff to ensure continuity of all its functions smoothly without a break.

ABP Holding Specialization
 Incomparable Turnaround Time (TAT) with complete adherence to timeline
 Advanced Software to never miss deadlines for paying bills/ clearing invoices/ paying off retainers etc.
 Complete data security and confidentiality maintained
 Well-paid and experienced staff to handle all operations flawlessly

We, at ABP Holding, have taken additional care in compiling together all primary admin related services under one roof and assigned a team of experienced personnel to overlook the admin responsibilities of all our associate business projects. Our subsidiary companies can rely on our supple admin support system for the following quality administrative assistant and secretarial requirements.

 Inventory Management
 Vendor Co-ordinations
 Social Media Management
 Document Management
 Scheduling Set Up
 Collections
 Database Management
 Organization and Filing Projects
 Order Processing
 Creation and Maintenance of Premises
 Handling external or internal communication or management systems
 Providing clean and healthy environment by keeping the premises clean
 Providing Office Equipment
 Managing clerical or other administrative staff
 Taking care of compliance viz, paying bills, maintaining premises, etc.