Strategic Management is the essential art of objective driven decision making, crucial to the productive longevity of a business.

'Constituting an organization’s backbone, business operations greatly ascertain the successful smooth business flow for a brand.'


ABP Holding is one of the leading holding and management companies that invests in IT & other domains in the country today. As an established entity, it is engaged closely with the IT space companies and oversees exclusive portfolio companies associated with the brand. .

ABP Holding specializes in providing helping hands to the subsidiary companies. These companies are advised on HR, finance and accounting, IT, legal, admin and domain. While providing concrete solutions related to enhancement of business processes, cost efficiency, resource management, supply chain refinement, delivery timelines’ achievement and overall organizational progress, we also ensure a hassle-free and complete, immediate implementation on a practical level for ultimate benefit of the companies. Having successfully achieved higher standards of IT space and business management over the past years, the company has carved its niche in the industry and envisions a place in the long list of Unicorns.


HR Management

It is rightfully said that employees form the backbone of any organization and undoubtedly, play a vital part in the success of a business.
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The financials of a business are the most critical aspect and must be managed...

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While on the high of one’s journey to success or when involved in the big decision and strategy making tasks,

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Legal Support

Legal Support Services are simply too crucial to be taken for granted by any professional entity in today’s competitive and ..

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Domain Advisory

Advisory functions, be it for any domain, stand crucial to the growth and development of a company and to steer the wheel of operations in the right direction..

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Why Choose Us?

ABP Holding believes in sheer singularity and supports all one-of-a-kind ventures, which are not a thing like anything else. Read More